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Que : 1. Choose the correct option :

(i) 'Vocoids' are also known as _______

(a) pure vowels

(b) impure vowels

(c) dipthongs

(d) contoids

(ii) The number of consonant sounds in English are ________

(a) 21

(b) 23

(c) 26

(d) 24

(iii) The animals in cages were to the jungle.

(a) let down

(b) let up

(c) let out

(d) let alone

(iv) There is _________ water in the well.

(a) any

(b) None

(c) many

(d) much

(v) She cut her finger _________ a knife.

(a) From

(b) With

(c) To

(d) of


Que : 1.