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48. Choose the correct option: The Cuban Missile crisis occurred - (A) 1962 (B) 1967 (C) 1968 (D) 1965
49. Fill in the blanks: (A) Open door policy was adopted by _______. (B) The Eighteenth "SAARC" summit was held in
50. Match the correct pairs : (i) Limited Nuclear Test Treaty (A) AASU
51. Write the answer in one sentence each : (A) Which community has a major role in the ethnic conflict of Sri Lanka?
52. Write True / False : (A) Cold War is a state of tension between Nations. (B) The Soviet Union disintegrated in 1990
53. What are causes for threat to world peace ?
54. What is meant by merely mediators ?
55. Write the meaning of Bi-polarity.
56. Write the meaning of Shock therapy
57. Write the meaning of dominance
58. Write the meaning of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)
59. Write the name of SAARC member countries
60. Write about Treaty between India and Nepal.
61. What are the diseases which spread rapidly through migration business and tourism ?
62. What are B.W.C. and C.W.C. ?
63. Write about meaning of globalization
64. What is meant by W.S.F. ? Write.
65. How many seats did the Congress win in the first general election of 1952.
66. Which political party got the maximum number of seats in the 1957 Kerala State Assembly elections
67. What does Syndicate mean ? Write
68. What is defection ? Write:
69. When the Right to Information Act come into force ?
70. Write the full name of N.F.F. What was Operation Blue Star ? Write.
71. Which states in North-East India are known as seven sisters ? Write.
72. What was Soviet System ? Write.
73. Write about any three result of Shock therapy.
74. Write about any three purpose of Asean Vision 2020.
75. Which importance of European Union make its special regional organization ?
76. What is Green Revolution ? Write.
77. What is "Bombay Plan" ? Write.
78. What is Naxalite movement ? Write.
79. What are the result of Shah Commission Inquiry Forum appointed during Emergency? Write.
80. Why did the superpowers have military alliances with smaller countries ?
81. Write about Cuba Missile crisis.
82. Write about four main aim of United Nations.
83. Write about functions of World Health Organization.
84. Write about Manipur Riyasat held in Indian Nation.
85. What was the task of the State Reorganization Commission ? What is its most salient recommendation ?
86. Write about any four main principles of Indian Foreign Policy.
87. Write any three reasons for adopting Non-aligned policy by India.