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Class-12 Physics 2022 Q&A

73. Select and write the correct option from the options given in each question : Which is used as a voltage regulator? (i)
74. Fill in the blanks : (i) The maximum frequency wave in electromagnetic waves is _____. (ii) The behavior of Solenoid like
75. Match the column "A" with column "B" : (i) Magnifying power of Compound Microscope (a) (1-D/f)
76. Write the answers in one sentence each : (i) How does focal length of lens depends the power of lens ? (ii) Which gate is known
77. Write any two limitations of Ohm's law.
78. Write Kirchoff's Voltage law.
79. What is Lorentz force ?
80. Define one Ampere.
81. The polarising angle of a transparent medium is 30º. Calculate the angle of refraction.
82. The diameter of objective lens of a Telescope is 1 meter. Calculate its resolving power for the light of wavelength 4538 Å.
83. Write Faraday's second law of electromagnetic induction.
84. Differentiate between Self Induction and Mutual Induction. (any two)
85. Show that the electric flux passing through a surface parallel to the electric field is zero.
86. Describe the electric field and electric potential inside the charged conductor.
87. The danger signal is always red, why ?
88. On what factors, does the refractive index of a medium depend ? (any two)
89. What is stopping potential ?
90. Write any two characteristics of matter waves.
91. Draw the truth table of NAND gate and explain it.
92. Write the differences between N-type and P-type semiconductors. (any two)
93. In an electrical circuit, resistances R1 and R2 are combined in parallel, then prove that the equivalent resistance is Req = (R1 R2)/(R1+R2)
94. Establish the relation among electromotive force, potential difference and internal resistance of a cell.
95. Draw the labelled diagram of a meter bridge. On which principle it works? Write any two precautions.
96. Describe the principle of Potentiometer with electrical circuit.
97. Write differences between Simple Microscope and Astronomical Telescope. (any three)
98. Combine two thin convex lens be mutual contact, then prove that the focal length of combine lens F= (f1f2)/(f1+f2)
99. A step-down transformer changes the transmitted line voltage from 11000 Volt to 440 Volt. The number of turns in the primary
100. Calculate the energy stored in a coil of inductance 100 Henry due to flow of current 4 Ampere in it.
101. What is meant by logic gates? Write Symbol, Boolean formula and Truth table for OR, AND and NOR gates.
102. What is P-N junction diode ? How does diode used as a forward bias ? Explain.
103. What is a capacitor ? Establish an expression for finding capacitance of the parallel plate capacitor.
104. What is an electric dipole ? Establish an expression for finding electric field intensity of an electric dipole for equatorial position.
105. What is an A.C. generator? Draw a labelled diagram and describe the working of A.C. dynamo.
106. Describe the following points in an L-C-R circuit : (1) Electrical circuit (2) Phasor diagram (3) Resultant voltage
MP Board Class-12 Physics Notes