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33. Choose the correct options : ____ return the absolute value of a number. (A) ABS ( ) (B) ACOS ( ) (C) ASIN ( ) (D) ATAN ( )
34. Fill in the blanks : (i) _________ command is used to modify data in table. (ii) Relational database popular in year ______ .
35. Match the correct columns : (i) AVG (A) Numphy (ii) Array (B) Modulator and demodulator
36. Answer in one word : (i) A person who manages the overall DBMS, what is called? (ii) Name series who return a tuple of shape
37. Write the two benefits of SQL.
38. What is DBMS?
39. Write the use of SELECT statement with syntax.
40. Write the use of group by statement.
41. What is file system ?
42. Explain the COUNT function.
43. Write the features of Python. (any two)
44. Explain the series in Python.
45. Write the features of web browser.
46. Explain E-commerce website with examples.
47. Write any two differences of Router and Switch.
48. What is computer network ?
49. Write any two benifits of social media.
50. What is licensing ?
51. Write the names of any two types of cyber crime.
52. What is Ethical Hacking ?
53. What is Data Frame ? Explain in brief.
54. Explain Pivoting.
55. What is variance ? Write a program in Python to find variance.
56. What is subplots ( ) function ? Explain.
57. Write the differences between Star Topology and Ring Topology.
58. Explain bridge with its types.
59. Write short notes : Digital Footprint
60. Write short notes : Copyright
61. Write about any three types of cyber bulling.
62. Write the differences between static and dynamic web pages.
63. Write a short note on network devices. Also mention names of different types of network devices.
64. Write the features of database system.
65. Explain any five aggregate functions
66. Write important features of IT ACT 2000.
67. Write a detailed note on types of Plagiarism.