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Class-12 History 2022 Paper Solutions

48. Choose and write the correct answers of the following questions : Pataliputra was the capital of which Empire ? (A) Magadha
49. Fill in the blanks : (i) Fort St. George is situated in _______. (ii) Champaran Satyagrah (Movement) organized by ______.
50. Match the columns : (i) V.S. Sukthankar - Sarnath
51. Write the answers of the following questions in one word or one sentence each : (i) Which Lord is worshipped in Lingayats
52. Write True/False for the following sentences : (i) From 1881 A.D. decennial densus was started with regular form in colonial age.
53. Write any four important sources of history of Mauryan Empire.
54. Write any five important political centers of Mauryan Empire.
55. What is Exogamy ?
56. What is Endogamy ?
57. Write any two Mahavira's teachings.
58. Write five vows of Jaina religion.
59. Where did situated Amaravati Stupa and who was found it ?
60. Which is worshipped in Vaishnavism ?
61. Where is situated famous Jagannatha temple and which is worshipped ?
62. Who was Karaikkal Ammaiyar ?
63. What is meaning of 'Raja' ?
64. Who was Buchanan ?
65. What is the meaning of Hill Station in colonial age ?
66. How many islands were in Mumbai (Bombay) ?
67. What are the advantages of 'Charkha', according to Gandhiji ? Write any Two.
68. When and where Gandhiji broke the Salt Tax Law ?
69. When and why Royal Indian Navy was rising ?
70. Who was B.N. Rao ?
71. What is the meaning of Article 356 in Indian Constitution ?
72. What is Hindustani (Language) ?
73. Coins are a important source of History ? Describe it.
74. Mauryan Empire is the important age of Indian history, why ?
75. Describe, four important places which related to Mahatma Buddha's life.
76. Describe any three important Buddhist Stupas.
77. Explain the important characteristics of village community in the Mugal Period.
78. Describe conditions of women in Agrarian Society.
79. Describe any three main recommendations of Cabinet Mission.
80. Explain the efforts of Mahatma Gandhi to stop communal
81. Describe any four Medieval Bhakti traditions Saints' teachings.
82. Why Mirabai is called the best woman poet in the Bhakti tradition ? Clear it.
83. Describe the social and economical milieu of new city in the Colonial age.
84. Describe the important building and architectural styles of the Colonial age.
85. Explain, "The Dandi March was a major public movement against to most widely dislike law in British India."
86. Describe the role of Mahatma Gandhi ji in Indian Freedom Movement.
87. On the map of India mark the following : (i) Ashmak (ii) Matsya (iii) Shurasena (iv) Kashi
88. On the map of India mark the following: (i) Shimla (ii) Kanpur (iii) Jamshedpur (iv) Darjeeling
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