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33. Choose and write the correct options : In which of the following regions has the oldest well-documented urban settlement found?
34. Fill in the blanks : (a) Older population is of more than ______ age. (b) Most of village of Gangatic plan are of ______ types.
35. Match the following: (i) Geographic information sources (a) Primary activities (ii) Developed countries (b) Artificial satellite
36. Write answer in one sentence : (i) Write the worst result of population growth. (ii) Which type of city is Bhopal in Madhya
37. Choose true/false and write : (i) Grifith Taylor is considered the father of Neo-determinism. (ii) The sex ratio increases with a
38. Write sub-fields of human geography.
39. What is Neo-determinism ? Write.
40. Write business that comes under primary sector.
41. Write any two agro based industries.
42. What is balance of trade ? Write.
43. What is international trade ? Write.
44. Give two examples of plantation agriculture.
45. Mining work is related to which field ?
46. Write two types of city.
47. Write about the main occupation of the people of rural settlement.
48. Write names of two places with low density in India.
49. What is immigration? Write.
50. What is called human settlement ? Write.
51. What is called education city? Write.
52. Write any two diseases caused by air pollution.
53. Write the type of pollution.
54. Write any three difference between rural and urban population.
55. How population growth affects the economic development of the country ? Write. (any three)
56. Write three characteristics of manufacturing industry.
57. Write any three bases of international trade.
58. Write any three objectives of Swachh Bharat Mission.
59. Write any three consequences of migration.
60. Write any three problems of Indian agriculture.
61. Write down the developments due to planning.
62. Write the types of Indian agriculture.
63. Write measures to promote sustainable development in Indira Gandhi Canal area.
64. Identify and write the following places on given World map : (i) Discharge storage area of South America.
65. Identify and write the following places on given World map : (i) Africa's mixed farming sector. (ii) Australia's commercial grain
66. Show the following on the map of India : (i) Thar desert (ii) Cotton productive area (iii) Plateau of Chhota Nagpur
67. Show the following on the map of India : (i) Tea productive area (ii) Mumbai high (iii) Ahmadabad (iv) Rubber productive area