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Class-12 Chemistry 2022 Q&A

33. Choose and write correct options : Dry ice is - (a) Ionic (c) Metallic (b) Molecular (d) Covalent
34. Fill in the blanks : (i) Crystal systems are total ____ types. (ii) The rate of reaction is _____of concentration of reactant.
35. Match the pairs correctly : (i) Glass (a) XeFa (ii) Slag (b) C6H12O6
36. Answer in one word/sentence : (i) Write Arrhenius equation. ; (ii) Write the name of noble gas which is used in theraphy of cancer.
37. Calculate the molality of water.
38. Define the Molarity.
39. Write two differences between adsorption and absorption.
40. Define the Brownian movement.
41. Why ammonia has high boiling point ?
42. Why sulphur founds solid state in nature ?
43. Why halogens are coloured ?
44. Why noble gases are inert ?
45. Write two differences between double salt and complex compound.
46. Write IUPAC names of the following coordination compounds : (i) K4[Fe(CN)6] (ii) [Co(NH3)6]Cl3
47. Write examples of primary and secondary amines.
48. Why amines are soluble in water ?
49. Write the definition of Zwitter ion.
50. Write two differences between DNA and RNA.
51. Write names of any two antibiotics.
52. Write names of any two artificial sweeteners.
53. 5.85 gm Nacl dissolve in 250 gm water. Calculate the molality of solution.
54. Calculate the osmotic pressure of 5% solution of glucose at 25°C. R=0.0821 lit. atm. M.W. of glucose = 180
55. Explain zero order reaction with example.
56. Explain pseudo order reaction with example.
57. Write only chemical equations for following conversions : (i) Ethanol to diethyl ether
58. Write any three differences between phenol and alcohol.
59. Write the IUPAC names of the following: (i) CH3CH(CH3)CH2CH2CHO (ii) CH3CH = CHCHO (iii) (CH3)3C CH2COOH
60. Write chemical equations of the following reactions : (i) Perkin reaction (ii) Cannizaro reaction (iii) Rosenmund reaction
61. What happens when : (Give only chemical equation) (i) n-Butyl chloride react with alcoholic KOH . (ii) Methyl bromide react
62. Write chemical equations of the following reactions : (i) Fittig reaction (ii) Hunsdiecker reaction (iii) Sandmeyer's reaction
63. Explain Kohlraush law with example and write its two applications.
64. Define the following : (i) Specific conductivity (ii) Equivalent conductivity (iii) Molar conductivity (iv) Cell constant
65. Write any five differences between Lanthanoids and Actinoids.
66. Write general electronic configuration of transition elements and explain any four characteristic properties of transition elements.
MP Board Class-12 Chemistry Notes