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32. Fill in the blanks – (i) Plant life ______ more often than animals. (ii) Testes in Humans _______ was located. (iii) Father of
33. Write the answer in one word / sentence - (i) Write the name of any such creature which is immortal (ii) Which codon is AUG?
34. Choose the correct answers - Which of the following the continuity of life is maintained ? (a) Adaptation (b) Respiration
35. Match the columns : (i) Budding (a) Obelia (ii) Vasectomy (b) Hydra
36. Why is apple called a virtual fruit? Which part of the flower does the fruit?
37. Explain the role of tapitum in the formation of pallen grain wall.
38. Write the full form of GIFT.
39. Write the full form of ZIFT.
40. Define Amniocentesis.
41. Define Test-tube baby.
42. What is mutation ?
43. Define linkage
44. Write any two difference between dominate and recessive.
45. Write any two difference between genotype and phenotype.
46. Write name of any two Antibiotics
47. Write full form of AIDS and HIV.
48. What is Allergies?
49. What is drug addiction ?
50. Write about G.M.O.
51. What is golden rice and write about it.
52. Write any three difference between Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis.
53. Draw the labelled diagram of Sperm OR Ovum.
54. Write the definition of Transcription
55. Define sickle cell anaemia and write
56. Write three characteristics of Antigen.
57. Write three characteristics of Antibiotics
58. Write three differences between food chain and food web.
59. Explain the Watson-Crick model of DNA along with labelled diagram.
60. Write Mendel's law of independent assortment.
61. Write difference between Plasmid DNA and Chromosomal DNA.
62. What is PCR ? Write its importance.