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Que : 401. Importance of Trees : (Write an essay in about 150 words)
Answer: Flora and fauna is an important part of our life.

From olden days human and trees have lived together in harmony we depend on them and they depend on us. even the animals also depend upon trees. Trees are an essential part of the environment.They make the environment beautiful and fit for other species of organisms

Trees gives us wood. This wood is used as fuel. It is also used for building houses and furnitures. Trees give us oxygen. Apart from basically keeping us alive there are many other little big benefits we get from trees. So trees are vital resources for us.

Trees and plants make starch by photosynthesis. This starch is the food of all grass eating animals. It is also the main food for human beings.

Trees is an important source of medicine also. trees like tulsi neem aloe vera are very important for ayurvedic medicines.

Forests also provide food and shelters to various birds and animals which make our earth such a beautiful place.

Population rise is one of the major problem in tree plantation. Lot of trees are mercilessly cut in the past. Forest are destroyed to make colonies, dams and mines etc.

The time has come to think over it. It is the time to save forests and trees so that our future generation will be safe and secure.