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Que : 399. You are Naveen Sharma studying in Govt. H. Sec. School, Rewa Write an application to your Principal for issuing you books from the book bank.




The Principal,

Govt.H Sec School,


Subject :   Regarding issuing books from book bank


With great respect I beg to say that I am a student of class X-B of your school .I came to know that course books and reference books are being issued from Book Bank of the school.

I am in urgent need of some of them. These books are not available in the market as well .My father has been sick for a long time hence he has not received his salary for two months.

Kindly issue me the following books from Book bank.I shall keep them withy care and return them in good condition.

The list of books

1. English Literature. part II

2. Book of Maths Text book Corp

3. Hindi and English Dictionary

Yours faithfully

Naveen Sharma

Class X-B

Govt H. Sec School