English General

Q.44: Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions :

An American enlisted himself in the Spanish army. He did not know the Spanish language. The commander informed that the king would come on inspection after six months. The king usually asked three questions. "What is your age ?" "Since when have you been in army ?” and “Are you satisfied with your lodging and boarding?” The commander taught him the answers and he crammed them. As usual the king came on inspection. Looking at the new soldier, he asked, “Since when have you been in my army?" "Sir, 25 years”, replied the soldier. The king was taken a back. He asked him the second question. "Then what is your age ?" "Sir, six months" the soldier humbly replied. "Am I mad or you ? The king asked irritatingly "Sir, both," was the quick answer.

Questions :
(i) What was the problem of the soldier ?

(ii) After how many months, the king expected to come for the inspection ?

(iii) How did the commander help the soldier ?

(iv) The soldier was an American and entered himself in the .....

(a) American Army (b) Spanish Army (c) Indian Army

(v) Write opposite of question.


(i) The soldier did not know the spanish language.

(ii) Six Month


(iv) Spanish,

(v) Answer

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