English General

Q.43. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions below it :

A warrior king, with his almost invincible army, invaded a much weaker country. The vanguard of the army under the king entered that country. At that very moment the king saw a woman at some distance who was walking along the road with two children, both three or four years old. When she saw the formidable army, she panicked. She picked of the children in her arms and started running, leaving behind the other child. The king asked some of his soldiers to catch that woman and to bring her and the two children before him. The soldiers brought the fear-stricken woman and the two children. The king asked her, “Who are these children? Why did you pick one and leave the other to its fate?” The woman said, “Sir, the child who I picked is my brother's daughter. The child who I had to leave behind is my own son."The king said in utter astonishment, “What? You wanted to save Somebody else’s child and you had no thought whatsoever for your own child.” “Sir” said the woman, “My son is certainly dearer to me than my won life. But my brother had placed his daughter in my care. So it was my foremost duty to ensure this child's safety regardless of what happened to my own child." The king, who was deeply moved by the woman's speech, said, "O most noble woman! How can I ever think of conquering a land which has such brave women like you who are prepared to sacrifice their own flesh and blood beyond the call of duty ?" The warrior king gave the woman rich gifts and let her go with the two children. He then ordered his army back to his country.

Questions :

(i) Why did the woman start running ?

(ii) What was the king wanted to know ?

(iii) Why did the woman save somebody else's child instead of her own ?

(iv) The child who the woman picked is her.........

(a) own child (b) brother's daughter (c) sister's child.

(v) Write the plural form of 'child'.

(i) Due to fear of formidable army woman start running.
(ii) The King wanted to know why did the woman pick one and leave the other child to its fate.
(iii) The woman save somebody else's child instead of her own because it was her
foremost duty to save her brother's daughter.
(iv) (b) brother's daughter
(v) Children

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