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Que : 402. Value of Games and Sports : (Write an essay in about 150 words)

An ideal education makes a student physically and mentally strong. Gandhiji also stressed the need of physical education. There should be development of body and soul together. Games and sport must from an integral part of the education of our youth. Now a days we see that the games and sports have been neglected in schools and colleges. The students are running after taking degrees and diplomas. Our young men have started neglecting physical labour. Young graduates of our universities with gold medals are physically weak. They are seen wearing spectacles. They are unable to run for a mile, they cannot lift a fifty pound weight. Their pale faces, lean bodies, hollow and sunken eyes present a bad sight. In their later life they are often in search of doctors to get rid of diseases. This is a disgrace on the part of our nation.

We should change our attitude towards games and sports. Some think sports and games to be amusement. They think that they are harmful to the studies of a student. Sports and games are having greater value to those who are busy in mental work all the day long. “A sound mind resides only in a sound body.”

Physical exercise is essential for health. Hockey, cricket and football are the good means. They give us valuable practice in making eyes, brain and muscles work together. Sport and games are also very useful for character building. They teach students virtues like unselfishness, discipline and love for their country. Games develop the habit of team work. Being disciplined, the players obey the orders of referee. They take their defeats and victories with a smile.

The games and sports are the source of enjoyment. After the days tiring mental work an hour in the field gives freshness to our dull brain. A hot game of hockey, a fast game of football and an exciting cricket take off our fatigue. One feels fresh once again and is ready for any amount of work.

Games and sports must be compulsory for all students. Colleges and schools must provide proper equipment and facilities for students. It doesn't matter much whether the team win or lose the game but the games play wonderful roles in making students active in their life.